Friday, December 26, 2008

Read F. Scott Fitzgerald First

Tales of the Jazz Age (1922)
Dust Jacket Illustration by John Held, Jr.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
was originally part of a assembly of eleven short stories written during the late teens and very early 20's by F. Scott Fitzgerald and collected under the title Tales of the Jazz Age. The book was published by Scribners in 1922. F. Scott was 26 at the time and, no doubt, drunk on his ass while signing autographed copies. Jazz Age followed publication of his debut novel, This Side of Paradise in 1920.

I believe that Benjamin Button is the only story from this anthology that Hollywood has wrapped in celluloid, but I could be wrong. Once I stop celebrating the holidays and put away all alcoholic diuretics for at least 24 hours, I plan on sitting through the nearly three hour movie version of the short story. Until that time I will stay in very close proximity to Fitzgerald's original state of mind and body as I reread his original tale. Out of copyright, the book can be found on any number of e book sites. I've picked this one because the print is large and less fuzzy.

In the wish I had money to burn category. Guess what a signed first edition of Tales of the Jazz Age goes for today?

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