Monday, January 19, 2009

If Jean-Luc Godard Directed Garfield the Cat

Earlier today, a friend commented that my blog had, after only one month's worth of existence, become blurred and neglectful of my original objective of uploading all of my animation and live action treatments onto this site. Her evaluation has some merit, since only one example exists online to read. My posts tend to ramble and stumble around from one subject matter to another, much like the two bad ants in Chris Van Allsburg's children's book; but I have been told I have a winning smile.

She says I can't focus on one thing at a time. She's a doctor, and trained, as far as I know, not to operate on two patients at once; she has a different perspective about how many plates can be spun at any one time. Plate spinning reminds me of the Ed Sullivan Show. Could this be worth a post?

I'm not doing much at the moment except watching some Smothers Brothers retrospective, downloading Buddy Holly onto my iPod, microwaving dinner, listening to my neighbors explore new meanings for the word "evolution," doing laundry, vacuuming, and dusting. I only do vacuuming and dusting at this time of the evening when I need to find clean dishes and silverware, so that really doesn't count as an activity. I hate eating with my fingers, especially since tonight's meal doesn't look Moroccan. I don't know where I placed my cell phone earlier today. I wonder if the doctor is still on hold.

I was going to upload another idea tonight, but I love little kitten videos -- especially clever ones. I'm glad I discovered Henri. This could be the only chance I get to learn French in 2009, since I can no longer afford the services of either French maids or their outfits.

If the Jean-Luc Godard reference in the post title is a mystery, then I suppose I should save my Jean Cocteau joke for later. I don't think I ramble at all.

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  1. The insouciant, je ne sais quoi va va voom of this post made me at once wistful and cheery at the same time.