Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Kill Words from a Rhodes Scholar

Imagine for a moment that the world has run you over with a forklift. The job is gone; the money has run out. The wife disappeared with the homeless guy down the street. The kids did the right thing and broke into prison.The food on the shelves consists of stale air and untouched dust. The hounds of foreclosure are banging down the door. Time to make the Alamo stand. Your weapon of choice, last year's copy of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide because, like yourself, it is already obsolete. The door smashes open. The blaggard Javier Bardem, cattle gun drawn, should be standing in front of you.

Instead you see this guy leading the charge:

Bobby Jindal is the Governor of Louisiana. He is also a Rhodes Scholar. He presented the Republican talking points last night after President Obama's speech.

It's amazing that now a personality can be outsourced. Call me old fashioned, but I want a national spokesman from the Planet WTF to have a deep menacing voice, twirl a moustache, walk around in a bulky pin stripe suit carrying a heater, and have a name like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Sauron, Shere Khan, or Captain Hook. Bobby Jindal sounded like a whiny guy selling ShamWow at 3 AM on Lifetime. He exuded all the compassion of a broken levee. Apparently an angry ex-wife dressed him for the occasion.

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