Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The French Make the Best Commercials

This clip is not from the movie Madagascar: Escape to Africa. This is an actual French commercial produced several years ago that I stumbled upon last night while reading a post about Dan Ackroyd signing crystal skulls (filled with vodka) in Madison, Wisconsin. I can't make stuff like this up. If I could, I'd be working at this very moment as a paid writer and not as the itinerant cleaner of cat boxes I list myself as on Craig's List.

I have no idea what's being sold here other than it is a beverage of sorts, but I'll take a year's supply of it.

For those who really care about how a commercial like this is made, here are the behind the scenes tricks. The technique is called performance capture, used spectacularly in both Robert Zemeckis' film adaptations of Polar Express and Beowulf.

Addendum: Could Henri Rousseau be the inspiration for the animal design of the commercial? I'm not sure but at least I can end this post on an intellectual note far less provocative than images of God's creatures pole dancing for refreshment.

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  1. I'm going to settle on the Henri Rousseau observation with you.

    Still, it is close to the furry fetish. No: it's identical to the furry fetish. And are the furries inspired by Rousseau? Some, perhaps. In general, though, they're inspired by their live action role playing games.