Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Last Time I Laughed This Much I was Subpoenaed

Many videos make me laugh, but there are few examples of comic brilliance that have me on the floor coughing up hairballs from both ends. Whatever marketing genius designed the new Old Spice commercials with former wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa as the pitchman deserves a special place in the Jerry Della Femina Advertiser Hall of Fame.

Mark the words of Greenbushboy. Mel Gibson's rants will be parodied with the same creative frenzy as the recent spate of Hitler-spawned hissy fits: Der Fuhrer screaming as Spain wins the world cup; expressing his disgust that Steve Jobs sucker-punched him again by persuading him to purchase the latest IPhone 4, bugs and all, or his head-exploding tantrum when he mistakenly dials an Indian call center for some computer help. This humor can't be contained, not even in the Thunderdome.

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