Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better than a Valentine's Day Box of Candy

An irate female once told me that men don’t need women to dance around poles as much as they need to be hit upside the head by them. I think that blind date cost me four stitches. I was only asking...

For all those female readers out there in the New England area who secretly dream of dancing exotically around chairs, poles, and other upright items found around the home, let me introduce you to Wendy Reardon’s Gypsy Rose Dance Studio in Boston -- the only establishment of its ilk in that part of the country. Today, Wendy is offering a Valentine’s Day special for all women who find themselves currently single and bitter, and who would rather one day shake their booty at future men-folk in their lives, rather than simply shaking their fists.

I met Wendy when she first came out to Los Angeles years ago to try her luck at writing scripts for Hanna-Barbera and other animation studios. Wendy always had a unique way of presenting her ideas. She would never sit in a chair so much as walk around and climb all over it. Not realizing that she was already looking towards her next career move, I thought she had St. Vitus Dance. One time she walked into my office and straddled my couch. To this day, I don't remember whether she was pitching a show about cute lemurs or bent femurs.

In between all the wiggling and giggling and her dancing, prancing and eyeball-enhancing moves, Wendy went on to get a Master's Degree in Medieval History. She knows more about the lives and deaths of the Popes than all of those guys running around The Da Vinci Code. Wendy has one scholarly work out in the marketplace already: It is far too erudite for me. Instead, I purchased her book on exotic dancing. I can't do any of the moves, but the pictures look far better tacked onto my refrigerator door than a stack of unpaid bills.

The next time I'm in Boston, I plan to visit Wendy's studio. Who knows what sort of animation ideas she has come up over the years since tackling this rigorous form of exercise? I guarantee that 50% of the population over the age of thirteen would watch it even if it involved dancing femurs and bent lemurs.

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