Sunday, February 8, 2009

Run, Rabbit: Dick and Jane for a Homeschooling World

Image source: Fun with Dick and Jane: A Commemorative Collection of Stories. San Francisco: Collins Publishers, 1996

Generations of American children learned their ABCs using the Dick and Jane readers. Perhaps that's why most of us still write in complete sentences of no more than three words before all grammatical hell breaks loose. The books' pictures were simple; the animals dishearteningly cute; and the kids were all whiter than the Dover Cliffs. I just wish my mother had not thrown out my primers. Untouched editions sell quite well on eBay.

Leave it to the British to come up with an updated version of Dick and Jane. Their humour, unlike ours, is so disturbing and violent, it is shocking no empire ever developed from their skewered view of humanity.

For more information about Run Wrake and "Rabbit," read the PingMag interview or visit Wrake's website.

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